Lotus Evora GT430

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The Evora GT430. Only 60 to be made world-wide, all hand built at the Lotus Hethel HQ and reviving the GT moniker last seen on Esprits. The GT430 will be the fastest road going Lotus ever made with more power (436hp) and a reduced weight at just 1,258kg dry.

The mass reduction has been achieved through a standard fit titanium exhaust (-10kg), carbon panels (-4.7kg), lighter interior parts (-2.5kg), a new suspension arrangement (adjustable Ohlins TTX dampers and lightweight Eibach springs, -10kg), lighter brake discs (-2kg), a thinner aluminium undertray (-1.5kg), lighter aluminium brackets (-1.3kg), a “re-profiled fluid fill system” (-2.5kg), and lightweight polycarbonate backlight glass (-500g). Wider wheels and tyres, plus the rear wing, add 9kg back in.

The aero package contributes a total of 250kg of downforce at the 306kmph top speed. It develops the 410’s maximum of 64kg at 145kph. The changes comprise a new front splitter and ducts (directing air more efficiently through the front wheel cavities), front access panel, roof, and rear wing – all in carbon.