The authorised Lotus Cars Dealership & Service Centre in Perth

The Autostrada Lotus Difference

About Us

Proud to be part of a legacy, built on brilliant intuitions, ingenious engineering and timeless design. We are Perth’s authorised Lotus Dealer and Service Centre, centrally located in Burswood, less than 2 kms from the Perth CBD.

Autostrada Lotus Cars Perth
Autostrada Lotus Cars Perth
Autostrada Lotus Cars Perth

Lotus employs a stable of extremely talented driver-engineers, as well as the odd grand prix hero, to hone the perfect driver’s car.

A Lotus is fun to drive even within the speed limits. This uncompromising quest for excellence, no shortage of sporting laurels, and a visionary attention to aesthetic style has made Lotus one of the most inspirational British brands.

It stands for passion, individuality, and gritty determination.

Services Offered:

• Selection of both new and used Lotus cars

• Specialised service with Lotus trained technicians

• Well stocked original spare parts

• Specialised Lotus bodywork service